Red Platoon

41fd-gh6mzlBook #11: Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor, Clinton Romesha

Charged with dismantling a strategically indefensible outpost in Nuristan province in Afghanistan, the members of Black Knight Troop found themselves in a fight for their lives against 300 Taliban fighters.  Beginning in the early morning hours, the men in Command Outpost Keating found themselves surrounded, under attack and overrun by the enemy.  Over the ensuing dozen hours, the men of Black Knight Troop fought to regain control of their base and repel the Taliban.  In this memoir, Staff Sgt. Clint Romesha tells the story of the events of October 3, 2009.  It is a testament to the heroism of the 8 soldiers killed and a tribute to everybody on the ground and in the air that contributed to bringing the rest of the company home alive.  It is a moving book honoring the heroes that gave their lives in the service of their country.

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Kidnapped by the Taliban: A Story of Terror, Hope and Rescue by SEAL Team Six

b00kq2g37g-01-lBook #12: Kidnapped by the Taliban: A Story of Terror, Hope and Rescue by SEAL Team Six, Dilip Joseph

Compelled by his desire to bring health and healing to the people of Afghanistan, Dilip Joseph joined Morning Star (an NGO designed to bring economic and community development to the people of Afghanistan) as their medical director.  While serving there, he was captured by the Taliban.  This book is the fascinating story of his captivity and his interaction with his Taliban captors.

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The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor

b0076dfc3o-01-lBook #30: The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor, Jake Tapper

Combat Outpost (COP) Keating in Nuristan provence was attacked on October 3, 2009 as the deadliest attack on US soldiers in the war in Afghanistan in 2009.  In this book, Jake tapper chronicles the 3 year story of COP Keating and the soldiers that sacrificed so much for the mission of counterinsurgency in Nuristan.

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