The Forever War

41zlujxgfxlBook #20: The Forever War, Dexter Filkins

The last decade and a half has seen perpetual conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq.  In fact today’s kids younger than 15 know nothing other than America at war.  Yet, unlike other wars, the average American knows so little about what is going on thousands of miles away.  In fact, ask yourself, how did we get into each conflict?  What were the issues that drew us there?  Who are the major players and who are we fighting?  What are the major objectives?  In this book, Dexter Filkins writes about his experience as a reported imbedded with the U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He provide a unique portrait of 2 countries torn by war and divided by religious and political sects as well as a poignant memoir of the young Americans who served in these conflicts.

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The Great War of Our Time: The CIA’s Fight Against Terrorism–From al Qa’ida to ISIS

b00nljkmog-01-lBook #24: The Great War of our Times, Michael Morrell

In the past decade, one of the biggest threats that we have faced as a nation is terrorism as perpetrated by Al Qa’ida and now ISIS.  During this fight, the CIA has played an important part both in gathering of intelligence but also in commitment of human resources to the fight.  In this book, Michael Morrell describes his career at CIA from his time as daily briefer of President George W. Bush to his retirement as deputy director of CIA.  He discusses the CIA perspective of events such as 9/11, Bengazhi, Snowden and other world events.  He provides an interesting history of Al Qa’ida and issues a warning about threat posed by ISIS.  This is an interesting book for anyone interested in current events and foreign policy as it pertains to the United State’s interests in the middle east.

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World Order

b00inixvmk-01-lBook #10: World Order, Henry Kissinger

Where did ISIS come from?  What are Russia’s intentions in the Baltic states?  Is Iran on the path to nuclear weapons?  What is the role of the United States in the world?
With all that is going on around the world it is important to have a understanding of world order.  But in order to accurately understand today’s work, it is necessary to have an understanding of where we have been?  In this book, Henry Kissinger (American Diplomat, Former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State) explains the history of the various world powers in the context of the various philosophies of world order.  It is a fascinating read for anyone interested in foreign policy and world politics.

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Reagan’s Secret War: The Untold Story of His Fight to Save the World from Nuclear Disaster

b002c1yuc4-01-lBook #15: Reagan’s Secret War: The Untold Story of  His Fight to Save the World from Nuclear Disaster, Martin & Annelise Anderson

Reagan inherited a nation with a weak economy, double digit inflation and a deflated national defense.  This book documents the work that Reagan accomplished in nuclear arms deproliferation bolstering our economy, strengthening our national defense and through years of quiet diplomacy.  It is a must read for anyone interested in the role that America played in foreign affairs in the 1980’s.

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