The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution

b00ehmmhwq-01-lBook #16: The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution, Wayne Grudem & Barry Asmus
The last century has seen the emergence economic theories ranging from free markets to centralized planning.  And across the world there are nations that live in prosperity and nations that live in poverty.  The prosperity of a nation is directly related to the economic and social policies of that nation.  In this book the authors discuss the reasons for impoverishment and a plan for how a nation can move from poverty or prosperity.  They blend free market economics with biblical teaching and social ethics to propose a path from poverty to prosperity.  It is a one of the best apologetics I have seen on the benefits of a free market economy.  It is a must read for anyone interested in free market economics and a biblical view of economic/social policy.
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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

b00338qeni-01-lBook #9: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot

Finding an abdominal mass, Henrietta Lacks, the daughter of an African-american tobacco farmer, seeks health care at Johns Hopkins.  She is found to have cervical cancer and he cells are cultured into the now famous HeLa cell line.  This is a fascinating  discussion about medical research in the 1950s and the ethical issues surrounding research before the era of universal informed consent.  It is must read for anyone performing or interested in medical research.

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