Rich Dad, Poor Dad

b0175p82ra-01-lBook #1: Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach their Kids about Money that the Poor and Middle Class do not!  Robert Kiyosaki
Do you want to be rich?  Do you know how to be rich?  Unless you have a mentor, there is really no formal track for financial education today.  As a result, many people are financially illiterate.  In this book, Robert Kiyosaki shares the wisdom that he learned from his financial mentor, “Rich Dad.”  He explains that wealth is not just a net worth but a mindset about managing money.  He explains from personal experience the differences between income, expenses, assets and liabilities and how to direct funds between these categories for wealth creation.  While reading this book will not automatically make everyone Warren Buffet, this book does a great job in helping people understand a personal expense sheet and increasing financial IQ.
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