Hillbilly Elegy

91epx6odutlBook #32: Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance

Is poverty a state you find yourself in or a mindset, or both?  Why do so many poor people get trapped in cycles of poverty, family disintegration and drugs?  And more importantly, what can be done socially or politically for those who are trapped in these cycles?  J.D. Vance grew up a poor boy in a working class, broken family with Appalachian roots in Southern Ohio.  Despite his rocky childhood, he escapes this life and earns a Law degree from Yale.  More than sharing an inspiring success story, J.D. explores and wrestles with his childhood and describes the lingering effects on his current life, outlook and thought process.  This is a fascinating read for anyone who rubs shoulders with people in poverty.  For me personally, it helped to better understand the background and mindset for those whom I serve at work.

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  1. Thank you Matt for posting this review. Very interesting insights. It makes me interested in reading the book.


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