Shadow Divers

91vrvnr7xllBook #27: Shadow Divers: The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve one of the Last Mysteries of World War II, Robert Kurson.

After receiving the coordinates of a potential, undiscovered shipwreck 60 miles off the New Jersey coast, boat Captain Bill Nagle and wreck diver John Chatterton discover a German U boat covered by 240 feet of water.  Over the next 6 years, Chatterton and his diving partner Richie Kohler make repeated trips in attempt to discover the identity of the mystery U boat. The illusiveness of the quest to identify the U boat proves to be a profound and life-altering challenge.  For Chatterton it is a quest to find his identity in the most challenging of life circumstances.  And for Kohler it is a quest to identify and bring rest to the families of the fallen German soldiers.  This is a fascinating read, not only because of the technical details of diving and the history of U boat warfare in WW2.  It is an insightful look into the character of men and what motivates them through difficult times.

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