Hostile Takeover

51fn7uvusllBook #23: Hostile Takeover, Matt Kibbe

In 2008 with the election of Barak Obama, our politics shifted strongly toward a liberal, progressive agenda.  But while certain policies have been noticeable in the last 8 years, our federal government has been growing substantially for the past century.  And through presidents like FDR, LBJ and now Barak Obama, we have seen the expanding size and scope of the federal government.  At it’s heart, is a political worldview that all can and should be managed from a centralized place and in a centralized manner.  But our country was founded on the principle of individual liberty and freedom.  We threw off the yolk of centralized government in 1776 and the war to follow.  It is this top down vs bottom up perspective of economics and politics that was at the heart of the debate then and is at the heart of the debate now.  And while we do not take up arms against our federal government, the Tea Party movement was the call of the American people to return to decentralized, market based politics.   This book offers a prescription for market based solutions to the challenges facing our country.  From medicare to social security utilizing the free market and decentralizing regulation will allow for better quality and greater affordability both to the U.S. government but also to each and every tax payer.

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