Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS

b00rrt346e-01-lBook #12: Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS, Jobi Warrick

ISIS has become one of the greatest threats to the security of the United States, its citizens abroad and United States interests.  It is an Islamic organization similar to previous terrorist organizations based on a fundamentalistic understanding of Islamic theology that condones and at times mandates violence.  However this group has taken the violence against muslims and non-muslims as well as oppression of its people to a new extreme in a power play that harkens back to 7th century conquests by the followers of Muhammed.  This book describes the rise of ISIS by chronicling the life of Abu Musab al-Zarqawai and his successor Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  It is a chilling read as it discusses the efforts of Al Qaeda in Iraq and the subsequent franchise ISIS in their efforts to destabilized the middle east and aggravate sectarian conflict.  It is a must read for anyone interested in current events in the Middle East as well as for policy makers who will be making decisions on our role in Middle East affairs.

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