Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward

81lcxppx2bplBook #13: Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward, Nabeel Qureshi

As the United States has been faced with radical Islam over the past several decades, American political rhetoric has ranged from saying that ISIS is not islamic to banning all muslims from coming to the United States.  This has led some to ask the question, what is the true Islam?  Is Islam really a religion of peace?  Or do all muslims subscribe to jihad?  Does the Quran mandate the violence that we see around us?  Or is this just a rogue group of fundamentalists who misuse the Quran to justify their desires for violence and power?  Most importantly, how should we as Christians respond to muslims?  In this book Nabeel Qureshi seeks explain this history of violence in the Quran and explain the role of jihad in Islam.  He was raised in a muslim family and during college was challenged to examine his faith.  As a result of his study in islamic apologetics, Nabeel became convinced that the Bible was not only historically accurate but that salvation could be found in Christ alone.  In this book he draws upon his deep understanding of Islam and his personal faith in Christ to discuss the Christian’s approach to muslims in the contemporary era of violent jihad.

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I think that this book is the most succinct work that I have read to date that outlines history of Islam and the historical struggle against violent Islam.  Additionally it offers a Biblical response to how we should view and treat muslims.  I found it very helpful in my own thinking.  Namely that Islam at its inception was violent and through the centuries of teaching and tradition, there has been a pacivity that has emerged.  In the movement of radical jihadi groups were are seeing a “reformation” in Islam back to its historical roots.  We do well to recognize that those who are committing acts of terror and violence are doing so in the name of religious devotion.  But we must also realize that the vast majority of muslims around the world seek to live like anyone else: in community and in peace.


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