b003xf1xoq-01-lBook #23: Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins

The revolution gains momentum and Peeta is rescued from the capitol.  But he is not the man he once was.  And Katniss continues to be involved in her role as symbol of the revolution but is driven by her desire to kill President snow.  This book discusses final events of the revolution and life after Panem.

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I found the entire series to be an extremely compelling story.  But I was disappointed with the seeming lack of purpose in the story.  It seems as though the author was doing nothing other than recalling events, without a clear reason for why she was telling the story.  And to hear her commentary at the end of the narrative reinforced this view.  She was asked what the reader should take away from the series.  Her answer was to find where you see yourself in the story and to make your life/circumstances better.


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